Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More blogging about the evil empire

Gannett Blog is a good read, a bit more cerbral than Newsquestwatch with plenty of big words and market analysis of the sort that I've not got the time (or, likely, the brains) to do. They've linked to me so I'll link to them! Possibly even more interesting is the Slog of the Gannetoids - plenty of tales on there that Newsquest hacks will be able to relate to I'm sure!

Monday, September 17, 2007

More action on Newsquest

As you may have read elsewhere, Terry Brannigan's brave attempt to get the authorities to take some action against Newsquest over its actions in drowning out his newspapers in Sussex. He's now set up his own website fighting the evil empire. As blogging has been light lately (and is, I'm afraid, likely to remain so due to work commitments) I commend his site as a place to learn more about the operations of a firm which doesn't give a toss about its employees, its customers or the communities it supposedly serves. Take a look at it.