Monday, July 02, 2007

Do they have no shame?

Newsquest has, apparently, decided to pilfer employees' retirement income in order to benefit US shareholders. No surprise. They stopped the final salary scheme for new staff last year as well. The fact is Newsquest would barely notice a £65 m bump - but unfortunately that doesn't compute with the penpushers.

Let's hope staff nationally follow those in Glasgow along the lines of industrial action. Perhaps, with the changing political climate in Scotland, the parliament could get involved? Surely the SNP's standing could only be boosted by a fight with some foreign profiteers?

Please be sure to sign the NUJ petition on Newsquest's activities as well

Incidentally, by far the least surprising aspect of the Greenslade piece above is that group editorial manager/'PR' flunky/scapegoat Margaret Strayton doesn't have the decency to give a timely response to a 'fellow' journalist. Getting rid of this fat waste of space would be a great way of saving some cash. Her and a good few others.