Monday, December 18, 2006

What's going on?

Not much, the Brannigan case against the OFT still seems to be ongoing, although to be honest I can barely make head nor tale of this latest missive. Can anyone help? There was a brief moment of expectation (for which read running around screaming with joy) in the Osato household with the news the Gannett was looking to flog Newsquest. Sadly the Sexpress story turned out to be bollocks. Not that it would have made a lot of difference per se - it's the UK managers who are the problem, mostly former accountants who understand cost control but wouldn't even read newspapers if they weren't involved in the industry and have no idea how to reinvigorate their products of get the most out of their staff. Newsquest is closing the West End Mail in Glasgow (If it's losing money you can't really blame them). Oh yes and there was a hammer blow to accountability in the regional press when Press Gazette went to the wall. Then it didn't. Thank fuck, although sadly they seem to have scaled down their web efforts, which for those of us out in t'sticks who don't have easy access to a copy, is a bit of a pain. It left us with the horrible prospect of relying on Meeja Guardian (which, Greenslade apart, only takes the mildest of looks at the regions) and the god-awful HoldTheFrontPage, relentlessly sunny, amateurish and patronising. A classic example is their recent survey which showed, amongst other staggering revelations, that barely 30 per cent of the hacks who responded saw their next job being in weekly or daily local newspapers. Their headline? check it out for yourself. The most worrying statistic is the 87 per cent who were 'satisified' or 'very statisfied' with HoldTheBossesCock - which shows just how uninquiring and easily pleased many young hacks are these days


Anonymous said...

It appears that the deadline set down by the CAT for Newsquest to respond to the claims against them by Brannigan has passed with no counter arguments submitted by them.
Does this mean they accept the truth of the claims against them?
Will the OFT now be firmly told by the CAT that they must investigate and allow the appeal by Brannigan?
January is likely to be the next time the CAT will sit on this matter and set out their views.
Considering they have been firmly of the view that Brannigan's claims should not have been dismissed so lightly by the OFT after the Aberdean case set a precedent, it is hoped that Newsquest will finally be brought to account in this landmark case and the newspaper market finally be opened more to independent news reporters.

Mr Osato said...

Probably correct anon, but I think it is the OFT who would be responding at this stage rather than Newsquest - it's up to the tribunal to decide if they have a case to answer.